Sustainability Advocate Pouria Bidhendi Opens up About His Personal and Professional Stance on Environmental Preservation

Pouria Bidhendi

March 19, 2021

Personal and Professional Stance on Environmental Preservation

A leading authority in architecture and engineering sector recruitment, Pouria Bidhendi, is also a passionate environmentalist and sustainability advocate. With an impressive professional stance on environmental preservation, Florida-based Bidhendi opens up about his commitment to the cause and explains how he and his team continue to focus closely on a number of important and highly relevant environmental issues both for themselves and their clients.

“Environmental Sustainability is literally a positive double edge sword, a win-win, and the best of both worlds. Environmental Sustainability means jobs, jobs, jobs, while saving our planet, and therefore our lives. Intelligent Environmental laws like Local Law 87 in New York have literally created tens of thousands of Engineering jobs while cleaning our cities. We also have to be honest with Joe the Coal Miner and explain that his job is now antiquated, mostly done by robots, and is both deadly for him and our planet. He can now be Joe the Solar Panel Installer or Joe the Windmill Technician, not risk his life in a deadly coal mine, make a high salary with great benefits and save our planet with clean energy.

“Preserving the environment has never been more important,” says Pouria Bidhendi, a sustainability advocate and lifelong environmentalist from Florida. The preservation of the environment, Bidhendi believes, relies heavily on sustainability. Environmental sustainability entails maintaining only responsible interactions with the planet to prevent the degradation or depletion of natural resources. This, Pouria Bidhendi says, promotes and subsequently allows for long-term environmental quality without unnecessarily jeopardizing the planet’s future.

Pouria Bidhendi is the name behind AE Concepts, which specializes in permanent, temporary-to-permanent, and contract placement of highly skilled architectural, engineering, and construction industry professionals. Environmentalist Bidhendi boasts decades of experience as a recruitment specialist and has previously worked for numerous Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Bidhendi’s stance as an environmentalist with a passion for sustainability very directly relates, he reports, to the work that he and his team at AE Concepts undertake on a daily basis for the firm’s many architecture and engineering industry clients. “Environmental sustainability is an extremely important and highly relevant issue for our client firms and their employees,” Pouria explains. “This

comes as they focus on green building design to minimize energy use, limiting their carbon footprints, and therefore reducing potential energy spending for many decades,” he goes on, “while also saving our planet from global warming in the process.”

Both professionally and personally, Pouria Bidhendi remains wholly committed to promoting the preservation of the planet’s precious environment. “I’m proud to be able to lead on environmental sustainability,” he says, “and will continue to advocate for the preservation of the environment both personally and professionally.” Pouria Bidhendi has spoken openly and at length on a variety of topics tied to sustainability and environmental preservation. Pouria Bidhendi also recently remarked on the so-called Green New Deal – a proposed package of United States legislation destined, he said at the time, to address climate change and economic inequality. Bidhendi highlighted the Green New Deal as an opportunity to further help save the planet and, potentially, create in excess of 12 million new, high-paying, and fundamentally sustainable jobs.

Recruitment specialist Pouria Bidhendi, in addition to being an outspoken sustainability advocate, is also passionate about animal activism and the environment more generally. Outside of his work and beyond his focus on saving the planet, Bidhendi is similarly committed to tackling various social justice issues tied to access to healthcare and education.