Pouria Bidhendi on Finding Work-Life Balance As You Advance Your Architecture or Engineering Career

Pouria Bidhendi

May 15, 2021

Pouria Bidhendi on Finding Work-Life Balance As You Advance Your Architecture or Engineering Career

Pouria Bidhendi on Finding Work-Life Balance As You Advance Your Architecture or Engineering Career

Pouria Bidhendi, who also uses the first name Paul, is a nationally renowned recruiter of architecture and engineering talent.

Pouria’s resume starts with graduation from the University of Florida with honors. He kicked off his career as a financial expert for Northwestern Mutual. He moved from there to become a recruiter for Robert Half.

In the 90’s, Pouria Bidhendi gained experience helping engineers and architects including friends and family get their careers back on track after layoffs, and knew he had found his calling. In 1999, Pouria opened AE Concepts in a small, not particularly attractive office equipped with telephones, a fax machine, and a computer. He grew his business into a nationally prominent architecture and engineering recruiting firm that was also ranked second in Orlando’s places to work by Orlando Business Journals.

So, what does Pouria Bidhendi attribute his success to?

Pouria Bidhendi is a big believer in work-life balance. He knows how to have fun. Perks for working at his company have included a mansion party in Miami with a boat, two jet skis, and a private chef.

AE Concepts offers a 10 a.m. start time. Employees earn $100K+ salaries and are eligible for promotions on the basis of merit, not time served. There are free gym memberships, catered lunches, and organic coffee, alkaline water, vitamins, and supplements in the break room.

At AE Concepts, Bidhendi told the Orlando Business Journal, employees get to “get to help people with promotions and career advancement, and help your clients become stronger, more successful companies while making $100,000-plus in income.” But at the same time, Pouria Bidhendi says, we strive to be “sophisticated, transparent, knowledgeable, and reliable.”

This means that work-life balance for Pouria Bidhendi isn’t all about party time. It’s also about helping your junior associates succeed, and doing your part to ensure the continuation of life on earth.

Bidhendi points out two prominent examples of just how fragile life as we know it can be.

Consider the effects of the winter storms of February 2021 in Texas. In a state where there are orange groves and palm trees, temperatures fell as low as -15° F (-26° C) in rural areas in the north of the state and -2° F (-19° C) in heavily populated areas such as Dallas. The state’s independent electrical grid, cut off from the rest of the United States so importing power was impossible, came within four minutes of complete collapse, a situation that would have left 20 million people in the dark for weeks or months. There were so many broken pipes in Austin and San Antonio that citizens were advised not to leave their faucets dripping, so the fire department could fight fires, but water ran out and fires burned unchecked anyway.

Dozens of Texas died as a result. Texas needs input from architects and engineers to reform policy. Texas needs architects and engineers to revamp their power grid and water supplies. These architects and engineers need the boost to creativity that comes from a healthy work-life balance that includes both professional excellence and caring about other people.

Pouria Bidhendi says:

“Investing in infrastructure is fundamental to my personal interests and my business and the world .

We all witnessed the total collapse of electric and water infrastructure in Texas, leaving millions in very difficult conditions.  Our roads are congested, our bridges are crumbling, our trains & transit look like choo choo trains, and are pitifully antiquated compared to European and Asian High Speed rail, Our water has poisoned our fellow citizens with lead, and our electricity and water are clearly weak and vulnerable to a winter storm.

All this puts our economy at a disadvantage when we seek to compete internationally and attract foreign businesses and investments.  However, this is also a massive opportunity, because by just taking one step, we can fix our critical infrastructure that our citizens depend on, become economically and globally competitive, and create millions of high -paying JOBS, JOBS, JOBS massively boosting our economy.  Another no-brainer Win Win Win proposition. “

As you might imagine, Pouria is a proponent of the Green New Deal as not just an opportunity to save the planet, but also as an opportunity to create 12 million new jobs. And for Pouria Bidhendi, animal rights are part and parcel of a world that honors human rights and fosters green development.

Green tech for AE Concepts is not no-tech. Pouria Bidhendi expresses excitement about the building of the 1,000-foot SkyRise Tower in Miami, which will become Florida’s tallest building. He urges architects and engineers to remain positive about the workplace even as they seek new opportunities more compatible with their goals and values.

But even as you save the world, Pouria Bidhendi says, you can remain happy, healthy, and prosperous. There is no better example of his commitment to work-life balance than his company, AE Concepts.