Pouria Bidhendi Discusses the Vital Importance of Investing in Our Infrastructure

Pouria Bidhendi

May 2, 2021

Pouria Bidhendi Discusses the Vital Importance of Investing in Our Infrastructure

Pouria Bidhendi recently discussed the vital importance of investing in our infrastructure. 

A town, city, or state’s infrastructure can be a driving force for the success of its residents. Investment in public buildings, green spaces, transportation, and other infrastructure elements can promote a drastically superior economy. This is especially important now, during the Coronavirus pandemic, as cities and states are striving to make economic recoveries. Pouria Bidhendi is the President and CEO of AE Concepts, and she recently discussed the vital importance of investing in infrastructure right now.

“We all witnessed the total collapse of Electric and Water infrastructure in Texas, leaving millions in very difficult conditions,” Pouria Bidhendi said. “Our roads are congested, bridges are crumbling, and our trains and transit are outdated.”

Bidhendi explained that our public transportation systems are antiquated compared to Asian and European high-speed rail systems. Our water systems have poisoned citizens and the infrastructure surrounding electricity and water is weak. We’ve now noticed that our systems are especially vulnerable to winter storms and other inclement weather.

Bidhendi added that all of these issues put our economies, as towns, cities, states, and a country as a whole, at a major disadvantage. This is especially true when considering we need to compete with foreign investments and businesses to succeed now and in the future.

“Not all news surrounding our infrastructure is negative,” Pouria Bidhendi said. “It only takes one big step to fix the critical infrastructure upon which our citizens depend. This can lead our country to be economically and globally competitive and create millions of high-paying jobs. Right now, investing in our infrastructure could be what saves our country and individual communities from economic collapse.”

Bidhendi explained that investing in infrastructure is a win-win for citizens, businesses, and the government. When infrastructure advances and becomes more seamless, everyone benefits. This is because the physical condition of schools, bridges, roads, and water treatment plants has a direct effect on the economy and the economy’s ability to grow. Growing communities rely on top-quality infrastructure to succeed. Similarly, schools rely on the latest technologies and teaching methods to help kids and young adults succeed in the workforce later in life.

“Instead of taking the essential step of investing in infrastructure, states have decided to offer corporate subsidies and cut taxes,” Pouria Bidhendi said. “This can result in short-term economic growth that is not sustainable. Tax cuts actually take money away from important parts of infrastructure, such as universities, schools, public transit and more.”

Pouria Bidhendi finished by emphasizing the importance of making the change from tax cuts to investment in infrastructure. Current times have presented a historic opportunity to make the right investments, and we experts hope cities and states won’t continue to make poor decisions.